VO2Max is the max oxygen your muscles can utilize
and perhaps the best indicator of fitness and health.

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Revvo Measures VO2Max Without Face Masks


Combines cycling power and heart rate sensors to indirectly measure VO2Max


Cycle for 30s, stop 30s & repeat at a higher target - easier to measure your true max


iPAD app guides through the ~15 minute test and walks through the results

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97% correlation with gold standard lab testing kit, at a fraction of the cost!

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The Revvo Report

Elite athletes typically have twice the VO2Max levels of the average individual.

And the American Heart Association calls it "the most important correlate of overall health ... and perhaps the strongest predictor for cardiovascular disease
and total mortality

VO2Max is perhaps the best indicator of physical fitness & overall health.

The Science Behind VO2Max

VO2Max is the max oxygen your body can utilize during physical activity

The body uses oxygen to burn fuel to produce energy - so higher the number, greater your capacity for physical effort.

When your VO2Max increases it means that your heart is able to supply more oxygen and (or) your muscles are getting better at absorbing oxygen to produce energy.

Source : Kaminsky et al A National Registry for Cardiorespiratory Fitness. Circulation. 2013; 127: 652-662

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