Personalize your heart rate monitor/power meter

Goal : Burn Fat

Goal : Build Endurance

Goal : Improve Fitness

Goal : Sprint Faster

Everyone is different - measure your fitness level (VO2Max)
and training zones to maximize every workout


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Are You Training Smart ?

Introducing Revvo: World's Smartest Exercise Bike

First exercise bike to measure VO2Max & Training Zones without using face masks

Today, this would cost hundreds of dollars at a human performance lab. By simplifying the technology,
Revvo makes it possible for virtually everyone to measure and improve their fitness.


Combines cycling power and heart rate sensors to indirectly measure VO2Max & detect Training Zones


Cycle for 30s, stop 30s & repeat at a higher target - easier to measure your true max


iPAD app guides through the ~15 minute test and walks through the results

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Gold Standard Accuracy

97% correlation with gold standard lab testing kit, at a fraction of the cost !

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Our Mission
Make it Easier to be Fitter

The VO2Max Report

VO2Max is the max oxygen your muscles can utilize and is perhaps the best indicator of fitness and health.

The test provides a scientific assessment of your current fitness level and benchmarks age and sports cohorts

Training Zones

Revvo analyzes your heart rate response to different levels of stress to detect your threshold and training zones.
Training zones are a function of  genetics, metabolism, and activity status and therefore should be measured for each individual.


The point where you burn the maximum fat calories. Fat  burns slowly, so as your intensity rises above your fatmax you'll switch to using more glucose.


The (Lactate / Anaerobic) Threshold is your endurance limit - above the threshold there is excess lactic acid produced, forcing you to slow down when you can't tolerate the burn any more.

 3. VO2Max

This is your aerobic limit i.e. the max oxygen your muscles can utilize to produce energy. You can briefly go above this limit by burning up the glycogen stored in your muscles.


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