How fit is your heart?

Take the Revvo cycling test to measure
VO2Max (cardiovascular fitness).

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What is VO2Max?

[aerobic capacity | cardiovascular fitness | physical fitness]



VO2Max is the max oxygen your heart can supply and
muscles can utilize to produce energy.

Athletic potential

Physical fitness

Heart health

Elite athletes have twice the VO2Max as the average human.

When VO2Max is low even daily activities can become challenging.

"Single best predictor of cardiovascular risk"


1. Ross et al, The Importance of assessing cardiorespiratory fitness. Circulation Nov '16.

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Today this would cost hundreds of dollars at a human performance lab, require complex and expensive equipment and the guidance of an exercise physiologist.

By innovating the technology, simplifying the process and radically enhancing the experience, Revvo makes it possible for virtually everyone to measure and improve their fitness.

Our Mission:
Make it easier to be fitter.

Revvo measures VO2Max at lab quality
but without using face masks.

~15 minute self-guided test

Revvo's iPad® app guides you step by step through the progressive intermittent max cycling test.

Innovative technology

Patented tech directly measures max 30s power & analyzes heart rate to indirectly measure VO2Max.

Lab quality results

97% correlation with gold standard lab testing kit across a wide range of age & fitness levels.

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The test identifies your strengths & weaknesses, benchmarks your scores ...

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... and detects your training thresholds.

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Revvo adapts training to your unique profile and
guides you through each session.

1. Tells you where to focus.

2. And how to quickly progress.

3. Adapts training to your profile.

4. Tells you precisely how hard to cycle.

5. And tracks progress after each session.

6. So you see results, quickly.

10x faster than unguided exercise.

The Bike
Advanced technology that's easy to use

Rides Like a Cycle

Flywheel and bike components mimic riding on the road

Intelligent Design

Comfortable riding position that optimizes power output

Automated Resistance

Resistance changes as your speed changes – no knobs

Highly Accurate

Measures power up to 2000 watts with 98% accuracy

iPad® Console*

Connects via bluetooth to the bike & heart rate monitor


W x L x H = 27" x 45.2" x 40" (min. height)


* iPAD may not be  provided.


[no commitment, monthly subscription]

Bike + software

Bike + software + iPAD

$99 /mo.

$114 /mo.

plus taxes, cancel anytime.

free installation, unlimited users.

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the bike

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