Best overall indicator of
fitness and health.

Measures whether you are
performing at your peak.

Single best predictor of
60-minute endurance.

How Fit Are You?

Cycle on Revvo for ~15 minutes to measure gold standard fitness metrics.






(San Francisco Bay Area Only)

Everyone is different
Measuring your unique fitness profile helps you learn where to focus and how to adapt training -
so you spend less time yet see quick progress.

Different training intensities trigger different effects - training at the intensity that matches your fitness goal triggers rapid progress.

The Revvo fitness profile identifies the precise heart rate and power target that can help you quickly progress to your goal.

3. Intensity matters most

1. Being active <> being fit

There's only a 21% correlation between activity and fitness i.e. counting steps or calories won't tell you if you're fit.


The Revvo fitness profile tells you how fit you really are and if your activity is actually delivering results.

2. Focus is key to success

If your goal is to improve athletic performance or health and (as in this example) if your VO2 Max is lagging, then you need to focus on fixing that first.
The Revvo fitness profile helps you learn where to focus and how to adapt training to achieve your fitness goal.

How Revvo Works

Guides you to cycle for ~15 minutes

To measure your fitness profile

Adapts training to your profile
so it's precisely targeted

And guides you through each session

So you see results, instantly!

Revvo's patented technology measures fitness
at lab quality but without lab complexity

No Face Masks

Analyzes heart rate and energy expenditure (watts) to indirectly measure your fitness metrics.


iPad® console guides you through a
~15 minute cycling session.


97% correlation with gold standard lab testing kit, without the complexity or cost!

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Today this would cost hundreds of dollars at a sports lab,
require complex and expensive equipment and
the guidance of an experienced coach.

By innovating the technology, simplifying the process and radically enhancing the experience, Revvo makes it possible for virtually everyone to measure and improve their fitness.

Our Mission:
Make it Easier to be Fitter

The Bike
Advanced technology that's easy to use

iPad® Console

Connects via bluetooth to the bike & heart rate monitor*

Rides Like a Cycle

Flywheel and bike components mimic riding on the road

Highly Accurate

Measures power up to 2000 watts with 98% accuracy

Automated Resistance

Resistance changes as your speed changes – no knobs

Intelligent Design

Comfortable riding position that optimizes power output


W x L x H = 27" x 45.2" x 40" (height is extendable)


* Heart rate monitor worn around the chest during use.

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