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Everyone Is Different

What is VO2Max?


San Francisco Only

Measure your fitness profile to learn where you should focus and how to quickly progress to your goals.

By simplifying the technology and radically enhancing the experience, Revvo makes it possible for virtually everyone to measure and improve their fitness.

Today this would cost hundreds of dollars at a human performance lab, require complex equipment and the
guidance of an experienced coach.

The Revvo Fitness Profile

Learn about your strengths and weaknesses, where to focus and how to best achieve your goals.

What is VO2Max?

Revvo's Bio-Adaptive Training

Tells you precisely how hard to cycle and adapts targets as you progress - follow along while playing music.

The Bike
Advanced technology that's easy to use

iPAD Console

Connects via bluetooth to the bike & heart rate monitor.*

Rides Like a Cycle

Flywheel and bike components mimic riding on the road.

Highly Accurate

Measures power up to 2000 watts with 98% accuracy.

Automated Resistance

Resistance changes as your speed changes - no knobs.

Intelligent Design

Comfortable riding position that optimizes power output.


W x L x H = 27” x 45.2” x 40” (height is extendable).


* Heart rate strap worn around the chest for accuracy

Revvo Measures Fitness With Lab Accuracy

But without cumbersome lab equipment


Patent-pending technology analyzes cycling power and heart rate to indirectly measure VO2Max (aerobic fitness).


Intermittent test protocol makes it easier to detect your training zones and measure your max cycling power.


97% correlation with gold standard VO2Max lab testing kit, at a fraction of the cost!

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The Fitness Test


This process repeats until you give up.


smart exercise bike

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